FNF vs Darnell [Darnell FNF mods]

FNF vs Darnell [Darnell FNF mods]

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Darnell is a minor character who appears in the fifth week of the original Friday Night Funkin game. The character was originally taken from the 1999 flash animated cartoon Darnell Plays With Fire, which was part of the Pico franchise.

Darnell in FNF mods

Darnell himself in Friday Night Funkin is a young black man with pronounced sadistic tendencies. He is prone to setting things on fire and even once burned down a 9-storey building, watching something burn gives him unforgettable pleasure. This pyromaniac is very smart and dangerous, has an extremely high intelligence and is capable of terrible things. Therefore, when fighting in a battle with him, be careful.

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