FNF vs Tankman [Tankman FNF mods]

FNF vs Tankman [Tankman FNF mods]

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Tankman is a character integrated into the Friday Night Funkin universe from NewGrounds. He is also known to players under the aliases: Tankman, Captain, Cap, Soldier, Newground Guy, Captain John. Sergeant John "Tankman" Captain is the main character of the animated web series about the tanker "TANKMANS", Tankman is depicted on the logo of the Newgrounds website. The hero is the opponent of the BF for 7 weeks of the FNF.

BF vs Tankman

The BF, along with the GF, enter the war zone after falling from a plane, where they meet the famous soldier. Being a brutal killer soldier, Tankman decided to have fun with a harmless couple, taking the GF hostage, he offered to arrange a battle with the boy. Will Boyfriend be able to defeat the tanker?

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