FNF vs Bambi [Bambi FNF mods]

FNF vs Bambi [Bambi FNF mods]

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Bambi is a funny left-handed diminutive farmer, with a flat build and an unusual appearance. Bambi wears a large green hat with eyebrows. Notably, Bambi has no hair, arms, neck, or ears; his hands float in the air near his chest. Its legs are rounded and appear to be devoid of feet.

Bambi in FNF

Bambi loves corn. In the Friday Night Funkin mod, Bambi accuses any guest of his farm of stealing corn, kicking them out despite taking the farm from Zardi himself. This character is impossible to imagine without his wheelchair friend Dave. He appears to lack the ability to think quickly, as a result of which he constantly exhibits a fickle temperament. If someone manages to beat him in an FNF battle, Bumby backs off and claims it's a draw.

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