FNF vs Sky Blue [FNF Sky mods]

FNF vs Sky Blue [FNF Sky mods]

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Sky is a 19-year-old fan of Boyfriend who is ready to do anything to separate him from Girlfriend and marry him. Sky is the main character of the VS mod. Sky, in which a girl teleports to the Friday Night Funkin universe and traps BF and GF in a white void.

Boyfriend vs Sky

In the mod of the same name, BF will have to fight with a blue-haired fan in 3 rounds of Wife Forever, Sky, and Manifest. Sky tries to demonstrate her love for the rapper with the first two songs, but, upset that her boyfriend does not want to enter into a relationship with her, she goes according to plan B. Will the guy be able to defeat the stubborn fan in the name of his love for the girl?

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