FNF vs Pico [FNF Pico mods]

FNF vs Pico [FNF Pico mods]

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Pico is a fair-skinned and ginger teenager, one of the icons and favorite game characters of the Newgrounds website, starting with the game Pico's School, where the hero must stop the shooting at the school by punishing the Goth villains. He did not pass by the Friday Night Funkin series, appearing in it a few years after he graduated from high school to clash in the Boyfriend vs Pico battle.

Pico in the game Friday Night Funkin

In FNF, Pico immediately flared up with a MAC-10 ultrasound in one hand and a microphone in the other. Pico hired Daddy to capture Boyfriend after BF humiliated Daddy Dear in the first week. But, having discovered that the target is Boyfriend, he decided not to kill, appears at the rap battle. Further in the story, Pico met more than once on the way to the BF, initially even saving his life.

Pico has become part of several Fnhero mods, in addition to the main game, it is one of the most colorful models of the Friday Night Funkin series.

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