FNF vs Tricky the Clown [Tricky FNF mods]

FNF vs Tricky the Clown [Tricky FNF mods]

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Madness Combat also did not bypass Friday Night Funkin, the heroes of the anime saga participate in musical battles with Boyfriend. Tricky the Clown is a sexless green zombie with orange hair dressed as a clown. The character is taken from the Madness Combat animation series in which he is the main antagonist, hence the connection to Hank.

FNF vs Tricky

Before starting the battle, you need to study the opponent well so that it is easier for the boyfriend to win this battle in FNF. 

Tricky (translated as Cunning) is a nutty killing machine that will not be stopped by bloodlust. He used to be a scientist named Dr. Hofnar. The professor went mad after gaining the Improbability Engine, which gives him power. With the help of the Improbability Engine, he can revive himself and others at will. Tricky turns into a red demon on the ending songs in Friday Night Funkin. Tricky loves hot dogs, and the zombie slogan is "You can't kill the clown - the clown will kill you."

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