FNF vs Whitty [Whitty FNF mods]

FNF vs Whitty [Whitty FNF mods]

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Whitty [Whitmore] is one of the bosses and heroes of the Friday Night Funkin mods, a humanoid with a bomb instead of a head that can explode at any moment. With him, you always need to be ready for an explosive battle.

Who is Whitty FNF?

A former rock star who shies away from the attention of fans and the persecuting gang, led by Updike, who want to put Whitmore back in jail because of his danger to others. In FNF, Whitty is acquainted with Girlfriend's parents, who took everything from him and ruined the future of a rock star, for which he hates them.

Whitty himself is a victim of experimentation, born and raised in a lab. Being a humanoid, he was constantly experimented with and injected with unknown DNA samples, resulting in a bomb-like head. Having learned English, the humanoid took the name Whitmore, borrowing from the label on the first clothes. Later, he shortened the nickname to Whitty, in the FNF game this nickname is used as the main one. Friday Night's character Funkin Whitty can be found in many mods, but in the Date Week mod, he has a major role where he meets Carol.

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