FNF vs Rainbow Friends [Rainbow Friends FNF mods]

FNF vs Rainbow Friends [Rainbow Friends FNF mods]

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Rainbow Friends is a Roblox horror game that turns a seemingly friendly environment into a terrifying nightmare. The game contains frightening scenes and a set of colorful characters, just like in the original game, in Friday Night Funkin mods the player will meet humanoids of different colors on their way: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red.

Plot of Rainbow Friends

It all starts with a group of Roblox players traveling to an amusement park known as Odd World on a bus that ends up swerving and crashing. Players are carried away, delivered to the facility, and must collect items every evening while avoiding colorful monsters in order to survive.

FNF vs Rainbow Friends

In Friday Night Funkin mods, you can turn around with highly recreated colorful monsters from the original Rainbow Friends game.

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