FNF vs Squidward [Squidward FNF mods]

FNF vs Squidward [Squidward FNF mods]

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Squidward is a character from the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series. He is one of the show's main characters and is known for his grumpy and cynical demeanor. Tentacles Squidward is an anthropomorphic octopus that lives next to SpongeBob and Patrick. In the world of FNF mods, he has appeared in several scary mods as the main villain.

Squidward in Friday Night Funkin

Similar to the show, he is very irritable, Squidward has his own quirks and flaws, which makes him a complex and appealing character. Fans of the series will not be able to ignore the mod Mistful Crimson Morning.

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