FNF vs Sarvente [Sarvente FNF mods]

FNF vs Sarvente [Sarvente FNF mods]

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Sarvente (Sar-vent-tay) - a nun obsessed with the idea of leading people to heaven. For the first time in the universe of Friday Night Funkin, the hero Sarventa is seen in the Mid-Fight Masses mod, where she invites BF and GF to join the church and gain faith. After the refusal, a musical battle begins, after the defeat in which Sarvent manifests her demonic form.

Sarvente FNF

It is known about the nun that she is a demon, and she is also immortal. Since childhood, she has been friends with Ruv from Friday Night Funkin, who wears an eyepatch that Sarwent gave him as a child. The FNF tells the story that Sarventa was rejected by God from entering heaven, but she devoutly believes that Heaven is a good place. She lived for 100 years in the form of a child until her only desire was fulfilled - to make a friend.

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