FNF vs Garcello [Garcello FNF mods]

FNF vs Garcello [Garcello FNF mods]

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Garcello is a FNF character that is impossible to imagine without a cigarette. His turquoise hair is the same color as his pants and brown hat, creating an enigmatic look. Garcelo fights against the BF and is loved by the Friday Night Fankin audience.

Garcello vs FNF

Initially, we get to know him as a heavy smoker. In the first songs, the smoke coming out of Garcello's mouth matches the color of the arrows. In the episode Release, he dies, and then we already meet him in the form of a coughing spirit. Garcello can be described as one of the few calm characters who doesn't hold a grudge or hate BF. Garcello, on the contrary, respects the guy for his style and sense of rhythm.

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