FNF vs Imposter [Among Us FNF mods]

FNF vs Imposter [Among Us FNF mods]

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The Friday Night Funkin universe has not by passed another, no less popular indie video game of 2018 Among Us. The fan base of the game made several FNF Among US mods, here we will meet a variety of astronauts: black, green, yellow, red, blue, white and many others. Depending on the mod, the astronauts can search for the impostor on their own, or the Boyfriend and his girlfriend will help them in this.

Among Us FNF mods

FNF Among Us mods contain many Easter eggs and references to various characters and games. As we know from the original game, the task of the spaceship crew is to figure out a traitor who arranges sabotage in space, killing crew members in an attempt to sabotage by merging with other crew members. Your task will be to figure out the traitor and fight him in a musical competition, thereby saving the crew and the mission.

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