FNF vs Flippy [Flippy FNF mods]

FNF vs Flippy [Flippy FNF mods]

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Flippy, also known as Flickpy, is the main antagonist of Happy Tree Friends. Whenever Flippy appears, he usually experiences a flashback to the war, which triggers an outburst of violence. Thanks to its fan base, new mods with Flippy in the main or secondary role appear in the FNF universe.

vs Flippy Friday Night Funkin

In Friday Night Funkin, as in the cartoon, Flippy is depicted as a small green bear cub with yellow eyes, dressed in a military uniform and carrying tokens. Like Flippy, he is a kind bear who finds joy in his surroundings, such as watching a butterfly. However, when reminders of his wartime trauma trigger him, he transforms into his alter ego, Flickpy. FNF Flikpy is dark and bloodthirsty, who ruthlessly kills everything in his path using brutal methods. It's important to note that Fliqpy doesn't kill for fun (mostly).

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