GF FNF [Girlfriend Friday Night Funkin]

GF FNF [Girlfriend Friday Night Funkin]

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Girlfriend, aka GF - the first character in the game Friday Night Funkin that Boyfriend meets, the girl introduces the player to the controls in learning the classic FNF game. Being the beloved of BF and the daughter of Dear Daddy, the character of the girl becomes one of the main characters around whom events develop.

Girlfriend and Friday Night Funkin plot

The boyfriend is in love with Girlfriend, wants to go on a date with her, but the girl's father gets in the way, and wants to test the boy's strength. Dad gives the boy a test in the form of musical rap battles, which the GF watches in the front row. The GF loves the BF, so she is present at every battle, sincerely supporting him, usually the girl sits on the speakers and shakes her head and kicks her legs to the beat of the music. The guy has to beat all the opponents in FNF to take the GF on a date.

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