FNF vs Tabi [Tabi FNF mods]

FNF vs Tabi [Tabi FNF mods]

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Tabi is Boyfriend's main rival in V.S. Ex, who has a goat skull instead of a head, in addition, Tabi is a former boyfriend of the GF. Tabi is very angry with Girlfriend and is ready to do anything to kill her, the goal of musical battles in FNF games with Tabi is to protect her friend from the persecution of her former boyfriend.

Tabi vs Boyfriend, from love to hate

Previously, Tabi was a successful music composer and collaborated with the GF and Papa, but, noticing that the family uses him, the hero in love was kidnapped. In the Friday Night Funkin universe, BF meets Taby a year after being kidnapped. In his kidnapping, he suspects dad from the GF, because of which he wants to get even with them. For Boyfriend, in turn, Tabi has no hostility, since he believes that the BF is used by the father and daughter. He tries to convince BF to back off and leave the girl, but the guy won't let you hurt the girl for anything in the world.

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