FNF Vs. Pibby [Pibby Corrupted Friday Night Funkin]

FNF Vs. Pibby [Pibby Corrupted Friday Night Funkin]

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Pibby is a character on the Cartoon Network television series known by titles such as "Come and Learn with Pibby!" and Learning with Pibby: Apocalypse. In the FNF Pibby universe, a mysterious force is infiltrating the realms of various animated characters, turning them into mindless zombies and spreading damage throughout their world.

Pibby character

Pibby is a sweet and optimistic girl, full of hope and enthusiasm. Pibby sees the best in others and believes they can be heroes. She later becomes more serious and violent as the Darkness continues to attack the multiverse, resulting in her being referred to as a "badass". On her own, Pibby is a small light blue child with lilac hair. She also suffers a serious eye injury, which is then covered with a bandage.

Pibby vs Friday Night Funkin'

The series has inspired numerous mods and concepts depicting the corrupting of cartoon, anime or video game characters. The Pibby character and FNF[Friday Night Funkin'] mods have not bypassed, the community is actively creating new mods, where you can see all your favorite FNF characters next to Pibby, including Pico, Boyfriend and many others.

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