FNF vs Doors [Doors FNF mods]

FNF vs Doors [Doors FNF mods]

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FNF Doors is a version of the game Roblox Doors, from the fan community that creates the Friday Night Funkin mod. Doors is a horror game from the Roblox company, where the player will have to go through 100 doors, after passing the hundredth door the player will be able to get out. Opening each door generates a random room through which you have to make your way to the next door. The events are filled with a dark and creepy atmosphere of a hotel filled with strange creatures, each of which wants to kill the player.

FNF doors mods

All Friday Night Funkin Doors mods have the atmosphere of the original game. You will have to go through doors, helping Boyfriend defeat a new monster each time behind the next door in a very gloomy atmosphere.

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