FNF vs eteleD [eteleD FNF mods]

FNF vs eteleD [eteleD FNF mods]

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eteleD (Henry Morris) is the main antagonist of the Creepypasta Wii Deleted You series. Initially, eteleD is an ordinary Nintendo employee named Henry Morris, but everything in his life changed when an accident with the Wii console led to the death of his physical body. However, his soul has undergone a mysterious relocation, becoming trapped within the Wii itself and specifically within the Mii character he created. This transformation gave birth to the entity known as Atheled.

eteleD FNF mods

Friday Night Funkin features the character eteleD as the main villain of their signature mods. Be careful, this opponent in the rap battle can be more dangerous than it seems at first glance.

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