FNF vs Tails [Tails exe FNF mods]

FNF vs Tails [Tails exe FNF mods]

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Tails (Miles Prower) is a character in video games, cartoons, comics and games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a young fox with two tails that allow him to fly. Tails is a modest and good-natured fox. It just didn't have a chance to get around the universe of Friday Night Funkin mods.

Tails character

Tails is a longtime friend of Sonic and admires him, dreaming of becoming just like him. At the beginning of his journey, Tails was a fan of Sonic. Through hard training, Tails has learned to run almost as fast as Sonic, using his two tails like propellers. Although Tails is not a brave man, he strives to prove to everyone that he can be relied upon.

Tails in Friday Night Funkin mods

Tails is found in almost every Friday Night Funkin mod with Sonic, and fans have also rewarded him with their own FNF mods. After the death of Tails at the hands of Sonic.EXE, the hero of Soul Tails - Tails.exe, is found in FNF mods, representing the soul of a fox cub.

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