FNF vs DDLC [Doki Doki FNF mods]

FNF vs DDLC [Doki Doki FNF mods]

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Doki Doki Literature Club, DDLC is a visual novel and psychological horror video game. The game itself was released in 2017 and attracted widespread attention for its unique and disturbing take on the visual novel genre. A powerful fan base has created FNF DDLC mods that delight Literary Club and Friday Night Funkin fans.

FNF Doki Doki - DDLC mods

The main difference between DDLC was the elements of psychological horror, as events unfold, the game takes a dark and disturbing turn, this trend continued in the FNF Doki Doki mods. In Friday Night Funkin DDLC mods, the player will meet characters already familiar to him, such as the president of the literary club Monica, as well as Yuri, Sayori and Natsuki. Doki Doki mods have become very popular among the community and are a must-play!

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