FNF vs Uberkids [Uberkids FNF mods]

FNF vs Uberkids [Uberkids FNF mods]

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Uberkids - they are Ubersam, Uberjohn and Uberfred. As a result of the Human Genome Project, they are superior to ordinary humans in every way. Uberkids can be found not only in FNF mods, but also in other franchises and films, including Pico's Unloaded.

Uberkids FNF

FNF mods with Uberkids feature them as antagonists. They endure defeat very emotionally, reacting with anger and not hiding their shock. The Uberkids are known for their dark humor, in case of victory they mock the loser with all their might. Pico is their main target on Friday Night Funkin.

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