FNF vs Undertale [Undertale FNF mods]

FNF vs Undertale [Undertale FNF mods]

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Undertale is an indie video game developed and published by Toby Fox, released in 2015, the game quickly gained widespread recognition and a loyal fan base. Undertale is an RPG with turn-based combat, but players have the option to resolve encounters with monsters through non-violent means such as conversation and negotiation rather than traditional combat. This emphasis on player choice is a central theme of the game. The game has multiple endings, including neutral, pacifist, and genocidal routes.

Friday Night Funkin Undertale mods

There are many mods dedicated to Undertale in the FNF universe. There are also FNF mods dedicated to individual characters from Undertale, such as Asriel, Sans, Papyrus and Chara.

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