FNF vs Taki [Taki FNF mods]

FNF vs Taki [Taki FNF mods]

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Taki is a humanoid nun with white skin with no visible pupils. Small black lines in the lower corners of her eyes function as her pupils. Taki wears a monk's cap with a floating crown. Her attire consists of a black monk's dress, white socks, and black shoes. Taki's primary weapon is a chainsaw.

Taki in Friday Night Funkin

In the song of one of the FNF mods "Life of Taki", some aspects of Taka's past are revealed. She is depicted as coming from a different planet from those known to us in the FNF universe. In the early years, the planet Taki fell victim to an unknown enemy or enemies, which led to its destruction. So, as the only survivor of the apocalypse on her planet (or at least the only known survivor), her parents placed her in an escape pod that eventually landed on Earth.

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