FNF vs Zardy [Zardy FNF mods]

FNF vs Zardy [Zardy FNF mods]

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Zardy is a vicious scarecrow that roams the cornfield, ruthlessly destroying anyone who dares to enter. In FNF, Zardy is depicted as a scarecrow with piercing yellow eyes that emit an eerie glow.

Zardy vs Friday Night Funkin

We first meet Zardy when Boyfriend and Girl go to a cornfield where they will encounter the ominous presence of Zardy. A wooden object sticks out of his mouth, which further heightens his anxious expression. He wears a witch's hat and mostly wears dark blue clothing - a short black poncho with gold accents and brown boots. His hands are covered in brown gloves, and he grips his trademark hoe tightly in his left hand, which now has a microphone attached to it.

Zardy has his own Zardy's Maze mod and is also featured in other FNF mods as a guest character.

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