FNF vs Skid and Pump [Spooky Month FNF mods]

FNF vs Skid and Pump [Spooky Month FNF mods]

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Skid and Pump are the main characters of Spooky Month. The expression "spooky month" (terrible month) refers to the period of October Halloween or All Saints' Day. In Western culture, this is a time when people celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere and themes associated with horror stories, mysticism, phantoms and everything related to horror and horror.

Skid and Pump vs Friday Night Funkin

In the FNF universe, Skid and Pump were the first guest characters, they appeared in the Friday Night Funkin universe before Pico and Tankman did. Skid and Pump are a duo of little kids in Halloween costumes, one in a skeleton costume, the other with a pumpkin on their head. Skid and Pump are Boyfriend's main opponents in Week 2 of FNF Classic. It has been confirmed that they will also become playable in the future.

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