Super FNF
Super FNF
Super FNF

Super FNF

This is a modified version of the original FNF game, where Boyfriend still needs to win the attention of a pretty girl in a red dress, who is located on the speakers. You can win the heart of such a beauty if you show her how great you are as a vocalist and sing all the rivals who are also fighting for the attention of the girl. In the game, not only the main characters will change roles, but also those who perform in the support group and dance to the rhythms of your melodies, among which there will even be traitors from the spaceship.

To become the best performer, you need to perform all the songs to the end. At the top of the screen you will see icons with grey arrows. As soon as it's Boyfriend's turn to sing, multi-colored arrows will start moving from bottom to top, and as soon as they reach the grey symbols at the top, click on the corresponding keys. Frequent misses and mistakes will quickly end the music, interrupting Boyfriend's performance, which will be a loss for him. Try to concentrate and hold out until the last chord, demonstrating the superiority of the guy in the cap over other performers.

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